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This is Juan M. Ramos, an entrepreneur, maker and personal development passionate who’s here to help you become best version of yourself.

I started Mentory when I wanted to find a mentor to improve my people management skills but couldn’t find any platform that would allow me to find and connect with one on a recurrent basis, unless I was ok with paying crazy amounts of money that I did not have.

This led me to think that if collaborative economy has changed the way that we travel, order food and consume media, why wouldn’t I be able to do same with personal development?

My vision is to create a global platform that allows like minded people to connect and exchange experiences that ultimately will make them better at what they do. I want to help to shape tomorrow’s leaders.

Whether you’re starting or scaling your business or looking to drive change in your personal life, I and other fellow Mentorys are here to help you reach the highest levels of your potential and help you  design the life that you want for yourself.

Let’s go for it!

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Juan M. Ramos

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